FDLE Background Check Level 2 A level 2 FDLE Background check is both a state and national check. This type of background check covers both FDLE and FBI background check criteria. What for may you need an FDLE background check? - EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND CHECK. - FOREIGN TRAVEL OR WORK BACKGROUND CHECK. - PERSONAL REVIEW BACKGROUND CHECK. - ADOPTION BACKGROUND CHECK. - ATTORNEY REQUESTS BACKGROUND CHECK. - COURT RELATED MATTERS BACKGROUND CHECK. - STUDENT VISA BACKGROUND CHECK. EDOH0380Z - CNA Applicants EDOH2014Z - Physician/Medical Doctor EDOH2015Z - Osteopathic Physician EDOH2016Z - Chiropractic Physician EDOH2017Z - Podiatric Physician EDOH3415Z - Orthotist & Prosthetist EDOH4410Z - LPN by Endorsement EDOH4420Z - RN by Endorsement EDOH4500Z - Acupunture EDOH4510Z - Anesthesiologist Assistant EDOH4520Z - Athletic Training EDOH4530Z- Clinical Lab Personnel EDOH4540Z - Clinical Nurse Specialist EDOH4550Z - Clinical Social Work EDOH4560Z - Dentistry EDOH4570Z - Dietics/Nutrition EDOH4580Z - Electrolysis EDOH4590Z - Hearing Aid Specialist EDOH4600Z - Massage Therapy EDOH4610Z - Medical Physicist EDOH4620Z - Midwifery EDOH4630Z - Naturopath EDOH4640Z - Nursing Home Admin EDOH4650Z - Occupational Therapy EDOH4660Z - Opticianry EDOH4670Z - Optometry EDOH4680Z - Pharmacist EDOH4690Z - Physical Therapy EDOH4700Z - Physician Assistant EDOH4710Z - Psychology EDOH4720Z - Respiratory Care EDOH4730Z - School Psychology EDOH4740Z - Speech/Language Pathology FL920010Z - Real Estate Sales and Broker FL922050Z - Real Estate Appraisers FL923400Z - Construction FL921932Z - Community Association Managers FL921670Z - Talent Agents FL922040Z - Athlete Agents FL921880Z - Employee Leasing FL920150Z - Alcoholic, Beverages and Tobacco FL924250Z - Home Inspectors FL924260Z - Mold Remediation or Assessment FL924270Z (All Boards) - Military Endorsement FL924780Z - Drugs, Devices & Cosmetics FL921900Z - Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes (FCTMH) FL920630Z - Pari-Mutuel Wagering (PMW) FL923230Z - Pari-Mutuel Slots (PMW) Prices vary depending upon the type of service requested. Appointment available upon request.