Parental consent laws (also known as parental involvement laws) in some countries require that one or more parents consent to or be notified before their minor child can legally engage in certain activities. Parental consent may refer to: A parent's right to give consent, or be informed, before their minor child undergoes medical treatment. See informed consent for such legislation in general or minors and abortion for legislation relating specifically to abortion. Some jurisdictions stop short of requiring parental consent for abortion but require parental notification. A parent's right to give consent before their minor child undergoes body modification such as piercing or tattooing. A parent's right to consent to their minor child marrying before he or she reaches marriageable age. A parent's right to be involved in their minor child's education, including the right to approve or disapprove of certain curriculum, or to consent to extracurricular activities and field trips. Cancellations are not possible fifteen minutes after the invoice has been paid. Orders are given out to translators within an hour.

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