We will study your market in detail and you will let us know exactly which countries or industries you wish to target. Our experts will provide you with the tools to get your business positioned in a matter of 6 months. 1. Branding. Logotype development, vision, mission, presentation cards, and more. 2. Marketing. Analysis of your competitors, Website positioning, SEO, SEM. 3. Digital Marketing. Measurement and Optimization of Efforts. Validation and Escalation of your business. Evaluation, Design Report and Branding. 4. Social media and creation of communities. 5. Process automation. Launching, planning, digital presence, channel configuration. SEO, Content development, branding. Conversion: Landing pages, Optimization of Conversions. Customer relationship: Email marketing, Social Networks, Automation. Sales: Follow-up of Sales & Conversions. Analysis: Analysis of Strategies and Reports.

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