A technical translation is usually done by a translator with a specialization in the technical field. Let us remember that technical documents are written by highly-specialized technical writers who can also be architects, engineers, construction professionals, etc. Therefore, their language is very specific, concise and straightforward which implies the fact that the translation itself has to be done by a translator with the same level of expertise as the writer of the document itself.

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Translating is an art and we are ready to take the challenge!

Technical documents we translate:

  • Patents
  • Geological reports translations
  • Feasibility studies
  • Proposal translations
  • Safety Training material translations
  • Regulatory documents
  • HR Manual translations
  • Legal contract translations
  • Emergency response plans
  • Environmental studies
  • MSDS sheets translations
  • Bid translations
  • Operation manuals
  • Annual reports translations
  • Marketing material
  • Website translations
  • Documentation translations
  • Joint operating agreements (JOA)
  • HSE documents
  • Profit sharing agreements (PSA)

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