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11.3 Foreign Language Documents and Translations.

(a) Document Translations.

All documents submitted in support of an application or petition must include complete translation into English. In addition, there must be a certification from the translator indicating that the translation is complete and accurate and attesting to his or her competence as a translator. See 8 CFR 103.2(b)(3) .

NOTE  Sometimes the keeper of a record will issue an extract version of the document. This often happens in countries where the complete document is lengthy and filled with extraneous information. Such official extracts are acceptable, but only if they contain all the information necessary to make a decision on a case. For example, an official extract of a birth certificate which fully identifies the child`s parents may be used in support of a visa petition; one which only lists the child?s name and date and place of birth may not. Furthermore, only extracts prepared by an authorized official (the keeper of record) are acceptable. A summary of a document prepared by a translator is unacceptable.  

From time to time, you may have need to translate a document which is relevant to a case but not submitted as part of the supporting documents. In other instances, you may have reason to suspect the accuracy of a translation which has been submitted. Some offices have access to translation services provided by employees or others. In addition, USCIS officers may request translation services for documents in all major languages from the New York District Office. [(b)(2) or (b)(7)(E)]

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